York College Research Pool

Experiments can only be accessed by York College students who have signed up on SONA, the online manager for the York College Research Subjects Pool. If you are not a research participant and you just want to view some of our games, please visit the Gallery.

Sign up on SONA

IMPORTANT! Please read the experiment name and description carefully to make sure you are participating in the correct one. If you are a York College student who needs to participate in an experiment for class credit, you must be signed up on SONA to participate! A password for the experiment was issued to you by SONA the day you signed up. Please complete the experiment as soon as you can to prevent any delays in issuing credit. Credit will be issued to students according to the schedule provided in the description of each experiment. If you don't complete the experiment by the end of the semester, your instructor will be notified of your unexcused absence. You must perform above a certain level to receive credit (i.e., no random guessing please). Most of the experiments on this site cannot be completed on mobile devices, but some experiments are explicitly designed for mobile phones. Please check the description of the experiment for requirements.